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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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Gyrotonic Exercise

Movement & Beyond offers individualized programs for:

General body conditioning & fitness
Integrating circular movement and breathing patterns leads the body to promote structural alignment, core strength, and flexibility. Personalized programs are created for the client based on physical ability, specific needs, and goals. The client develops lean and toned muscles and relieves physical tension from awkward postures.

Injury prevention & rehabilitation
Gyrotonic is a low impact exercise system with soft joint articulation, which helps you to continue exercising with the whole body while recovering. This system is extremely successful in the relief of, among other things, arthritis, back pain, shoulder & neck pain and scoliosis. Gyrotonic is regarded as the best physical therapy equipment among many health professionals.

Dancer taking Gyrotonic Performing artists & dancers
Created by a dancer for dancers, the training is designed to work with a performer's specific need and and help the performer to be less prone to injuries and to recover from injury. The system allows a performer to achieve freedom of movement: to move beyond their limitations and increase potential and range of motion. By emphasizing joint articulation and integrating movements with the corresponding breathing patterns, Gyrotonic training develops a performer's physical and mental abilities.

Modeling is an art form of the body. Anyone who wants to be a great model needs to effectively project their intentions and desires as a performer. The Gyrotonic Expansion System enhances freedom to explore the body's maximum potential. As a result you are able to develop strong skills of presentation and the rhythmical flow of graceful movement in a performance setting and/or everyday life. This innovative system will guide you to discover how movement can help the body regenerate its own natural energy and move you towards your maximum potential.

Athletes & sports
Gyrotonic facilitates timing, rhythm and coordination. This enhances the athletes specific skills in their field and is a good compliment to other cross training. Professional athletes such as golfers and baseball players have turned to Gyrotonic training to enhance their abilities and contribute to the training exercises in their fields.

Child taking Gyrotonic Children & seniors
Gyrotonic has great educational value for children and provides many benefits for seniors to maintain good health. The system encourages natural flexibility and openness in the body, teaches healthy movement habits and physical consciousness, and improves the body's strength and coordination.
For children, teaching physical consciousness, dexterity and coordination at such a vital stage of growth will improve their overall physical health. For seniors, the system can release physical tensions and provide relief for arthritic pain.

Senior taking Gyrotonic Pre & post natal conditioning
During pregnancy and after, Gyrotonic helps you to stay in touch with your body to prevent injuries and relieve specific conditions. Exercises supervised by your trainer are adjusted to meet your personal needs. Post-natal training brings your body into shape and tones your muscles.