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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Gyrotonic Expansion System® so different than other physical workouts?
The uniqueness of this movement system derives from the three-dimensionality of its movements - spiral, circular and wave-like. Gyrotonic exercises may appear gentle and easy, but the impact on your body after a workout or class is deep. You are strengthening and stretching your body as you move instead of holding and contracting the muscles. This key quality of the exercises works your body in a way to create a beautiful body line and excellent posture. The Gyrotonic system not only makes the body fit but can help solve physical problems and injuries.
Another important benefit is that it helps to cultivate movement awareness, connecting the body and the mind. It teaches the body how to manage tension and stress so that your mind can be refreshed and your body centered.

I have arthritis and have limited mobility. Is Gyrotonic safe for me?
Absolutely. The trainer will guide you to work from within your own range of motion so you won't push beyond the limit of what your body can do. You should always check with your physician before you start any exercise program if you have any medical conditions.

I am a swimmer. Why would I want to work out with the Gyrotonic machine?
Many swimmers do out of water complementary exercises. The Gyrotonic machines allow swimmers to get circular movement in a controlled environment. Athletes can use Gyrotonic to improve their range of movement and strengthen the technical aspects.

How many times a week do I need to workout?
Two to three times a week. Two times is good for beginners. You always start out with a trainer to get familiar with the machines and get your customized workout program.

What should I wear?
Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that you can move in. No shoes or sneakers.

What's the difference between working out with a trainer and having an independent workout?
A trainer can give you instructions on improving your form to get the most of your workout and to move your progress along faster. Independent workouts can give you a more affordable and frequent practice and develops your own practice with the exercises. You can also come for touch-ups or new exercises with a trainer to support your independent workouts.

How many sessions should I have with a trainer before I can do an independent workout?
At least 5 to 10 sessions. Most clients prefer to work with a trainer for more sessions.

Which is best? Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis?
Both are good and complement each other. It depends on your personality. Start with either one for at least three times, and learn the basics in one form before you add the other. Some people like to do both while others prefer one form. If you like group classes better, start with Gyrokinesis. If you want to try a group class, there are regularly scheduled Gyrokinesis classes at the studio. If you like individualized workouts, start with Gyrotonic.

What's the difference between Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis?
Gyrotonic is done on the machines that help and strengthen the body. The machine assists you in the exercise with the stability and the weights. Gyrokinesis is done like yoga, with your own body and no assistance other than the chair for the beginning exercises.

How hard is it to use the Gyrotonic machine?
It depends on how comfortable you are with exercise equipment and exercise in general. These machines are very user-friendly once you learn to set them up for your individualized workouts. Generally, the trainer sets you up with machines so you focus on the exercise.

Will it help me lose weight?
The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis system tones and strengthens the body in addition to improving your posture, making you appear slimmer, leaner, and longer. If your goals include weight loss, you will need to include changes in diet and aerobic exercise.