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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria.
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria.
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria.
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GYROTONIC® *Pre-Training Course w Maria
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Specialized Equipment

Training's on theses Specialized Equipments will take your Gyrotonic work to a different level for you to experience beauty, accuracy, and efficiency heretofore unsurpassed.

Gyrotonic Gyrotoner Gyrotoner

The Gyrotoner was designed in such a way to duplicate the configuration and movements of the human body with corresponding joints and limbs that help to guide an individual into ultimate freedom and stability. It offers access to any imaginable plane, thereby providing the capacity to mobilize the spine and joint in every conceivable axis from the most miniscule circumstance to the most giant. The upper body joints, namely the shoulder , elbows, wrists and the entire spine; the lower aspect, to create a very good support for all the above as well as inspire an immense release in the function of the large and small intestines, bladder and kidney in a very profound way.

Gyrotonic Jumping/Stretching BoardJumping/Stretching Board

Aside from the technique that defines the Gyrotonic Expansion System / Gyrokinesis itself (i.e. consideration of spiraling, circular and undulating functions of the energy body), the Gyrotonic Jumping/Stretching Board offers an array of unusual exercises and features, as well as addressing certain phenomenon and tendencies unresolved by any other piece equipment.

Gyrotonic Leg Extention Unit Leg Extension Unit

Gyrotonic Leg Extension offers leverage through the leg's full range of motion, this connects the lower leg and the upper leg to the alignment of the entire spine all the way to the cranium. Working in this manner, allow the legs to work with more integration and length as to prevent injuries, as opposed to working with the shortening and bulking of the quadriceps that can stress the muscles.

Gyrotonic LadderLadder

Gyrotonic Ladder will strengthen an overall proprioception and integrate entire muscle groups by orchestrating their release and contraction as needed because of the variety of gravitational orientation made available by it's design and the position of the exercises involved.

Movement & Beyond offers training's on Gyrotoner and Jumping/Stretching Board equipment with Master Trainer Young-Ah Kim.

Client Endorsement

"My experiences at Movement & Beyond are allways invaluable not only because of the high quality information provided but also because of the educational environment created by Master Trainer Young-ah Kim and her staff. She supports and enhances the Gyrotonic Expansion System with integrity and grace much like her unique teaching style."
--Mia Munroe, Gyrokinesis trainer Fort Lauderdale, FL.